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Almir Mešković wanted to play accordion since he was, age five, he caught a glimpse of the instrument at his home in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina). That was in 1993 and although 20 years later Almir ranks among accordionist with international career. Maybe it was the old Tom and Jerry cartoon main culprit why Almir decided to take up music, or music decided to take years of his life. It was “Cat Concerto” where he saw Tom in tuxedo and straight after that he decided:” I want to be artist”. 2008 and 2009 Almir got scholarship in Bosnia as one of the best young artist. After finishing music academy in Sarajevo with much acclaim, Almir  has been so fortunate to qualify for the performer’s master level study at The Norwegian Academy of music with Frode Haltli from 2012-14. Performing various repertoires from the baroque, contemporary music, folk and world music, Mešković shows his interest for other musical styles which he present with the splendor and brilliant skills. Until today he has participated a more of 400 concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ceuta, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Sweden and Norway, where all concerts were highly received by the audience and the music critics. Today he is established as soloist and chamber musician, partnering a variety of top level musicians and institution.