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Helmut Eisel – clarinet
Sebastian Voltz – keyboard
Mario Bartone – electric bass
Dirk Leibenguth – drums
“As soon as a voice gets spread widely enough, it becomes a virtue.” Frank Sinatra, that mysterious charmer with his Mafia-hat and smoky voice, once took up the cause of this hopeful assertion. Grown up between italian and jewish families in the pub and gangster milieu of small-town Hoboken, he got started his steep and glitzy music career just from nothing. He staged his way as a tightrope-walk between euphoria and psychosis – on top of the world, down in the dumps. What a source material for the brilliant klezmer Helmut Eisel!
Eisel has committed himself to the arcane fascination of Sinatra in a truly unheard-of way. The melting-pot of cultures and the creative dialogue of jazz an klezmer in the US of the 1930es have already inspired the virtuoso and his “talking clarinet” to various albums and illustrious stories. For “Talking Sinatra” Eisel has now – together with the young and versatile pianist Sebastiian Voltz (keyboards) – set up a unconventional band project. Boosted by Mario Bartone (electric bass) and Dirk Leibenguth on the vibrant drums, Eisel & Voltz let the highlights of Sinatra and contemporaries as well as the rousing klezmer-swing-mix of their own songs dazzle and bluster in dense instrumental set-ups – erotic red, raven-black, gaudily coloured or deep blue, but always with a strong addictivity.
irresistibly the audience is getting in the thick of the action as the musicans keep goading or feeding each other lines in witty musical dialogues. And the clarinet snorts, trolls, riles and chirrups in rough Sinatra-slang, just to prepare a 180° turn and start playing the audience over the edge with some of the most beautiful melodies of show history. Highly emotional and just arising from the one and only musical moment.
A voice, this guy Sinatra? No way! An irresistible obsession, his music! And again and again My Way…