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…an Israeli, a Jewish Croat and a Bosnian Muslim meet…
This could be the beginning of a joke or, in the worst case, a war declaration… Well, thank God, it is neither. It is a beginning of a magical musical journey of three friends who first met in Norway and then in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fulfill a dream. A dream of music. International and multicultural music, music across borders that respects humanity, culture and religion. Music that comes from one person’s heart and goes right to the heart of another.This is the story of the musical group Rubinstein Klezmer Project..
Multi Ethno Art is completely new style direction which combines, for the first time, stylistic elements of Eastern European klezmer and Middle European Yiddish ballads with the elements of Sephardic (Ladino) romance, Balkan (Melos) and Bosnian (Sevdah) melodies, all imbued with strong elements of classical music style and technical level superiorly performed.