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Assessment & review

After an event, performance measurement is critical. Our system has the ability to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and offer metrics to improve performance in the future while eliminating spreadsheet and reporting headaches. We will run standard reports and then create custom data analysis to answer specific business questions. This will help our clients to see a complete picture of the campaign and departmental performance.

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The budget module facilitates control and tracking of event expenditure, revenue streams and overall financial performance. A straightforward financial tool to input expenses and track revenue against real-time registrant data.

A project management tool designed specifically for meetings and events, the project module keeps the execution team focused, on track and on time by creating tasks, assigning ownership and developing timelines. The timeline is easily displayed and shows all tasks relevant to the project, who is responsible for what and the timeframe that has been allocated.

The scheduler module is designed for meeting planners to allocate their meeting room and equipment inventory among scheduled sessions. It is a planning tool that allows you to drag-and-drop your sessions into various rooms, stipulate set-up and room inventory, and generate custom reports to ensure that walk-throughs with your vendors, staff or client go as smoothly as possible.

Online module for creating attendee surveys, integrated with the registration module. No more cutting and pasting lists of attendees together and importing into other survey tools. As soon as you’ve created an event and a registrant list, surveys can be sent without having to continuously update your survey participant list. The module also facilitates reports and generates data charts.

Although event ROI is the final stage of the process, it is also the first one where you define your goals (revenue, engagement, cost, etc). To be able to measure your ROI, you will leverage several platform components.

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