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Art Hill provides full-service event and destination management knowledge and expertise that draw on the vision of our clients and partners without compromising our number one priority: stellar and superior customer service. Art Hill Events process-driven approach is specifically geared towards taking on complex events requiring substantial creativity and strategic vision. We offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure success and treat each event as a true collaboration. In addition, we actively manage event budgets in order to maximize value without exceeding allocated expenditures.

Art Hill develops long-term relationships with clients by emphasizing education, communication, flexibility and an ethical approach to business.

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Our team will conduct an analysis of your pre-defined objectives and work with you to craft compelling ideas that effectively bring unique and diverse elements into your event’s overall message and vision.

This is the most worrying part for most clients going through or needing a turnaround. We help ease these issues through fantastic projections and a realistic view of what can be accomplished. The theme of an event is the driving force in capturing the targeted audience. Content development is derived from carefully identifying client definition, design and concept of the event. Prior to implementation of the final product, a design mockup will be provided for review and approval

Proper venue selection, taking into account an event’s size and scope, is critical. Art Hill Event Management team will research, physically inspect, select and secure suitable venues for you, though we highly recommend you also participate in a site visit before final approval. Once a venue is approved, our event management team will conduct and manage necessary follow-up logistical visits.

Art Hill will act as the primary liaison with the venue to determine food and beverage requirements, inclusive of dietary restriction options. Venue menu tastings will be organized and scheduled for you.

Entertainment is an integral component in creating the perfect ambiance for an event. Art Hill will work closely with you to identify your entertainment needs, and will utilize our broad network of industry contacts to book the right talent for your event. Contract negotiation and booking will be managed by Art Hill while advising you of pertinent decisions.

The physical environment sets the tone for how guests feel when they arrive at an event. We always strive for a positive and memorable first impression. It’s imperative we communicate your vision through the final set-up.

Art Hill is uniquely positioned with the in-house team, enabling us to offer a full range of services to manage our clients’ audio/visual requirements. This seamless combination guarantees instant access to our unparalleled expertise.

We will assist you in identifying and soliciting speaker participation. We are also positioned to assist in the preparation of program script and speech content.

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