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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad…

Marketing & comm.

Event marketing is growing rapidly because it provides companies alternatives to the cluttered mass media, an ability to segment on a local or regional basis, and opportunities for reaching narrow lifestyle groups whose consumption behavior can be linked with the local event.

The real meaning of marketing is not about advertising and selling, but choosing the right customers in the first place, being prepared to put them at the center and build your business around their requirements, listen to them and respond to their changing needs. Event promotions have an opportunity to achieve success because, unlike other forms of marketing communications, events reach people when they are receptive to marketing messages and capture people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Recent projects

What we offer?

Good strategy is the antidote to competition. In collaboration with the event theme and content development,
Art Hill’s creative team will develop a concept to maximize event exposure and promotion. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it.

We blend stunning visual design, practical usability, and robust functionality to create compelling websites that engage visitors and provide an exceptional user experience. Each project is a true collaboration and we offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure success. You can sleep well both during and after your project knowing that Art Hill’s commitment to quality is with you from concept through to post-build management and support.

We will assist you in identifying the design concept for all collateral materials. Our capabilities include
overseeing the graphics, design, and final print production.

We recognize that exhibit sales can be an integral part of enhancing revenue and sponsor relationships.
In coordination with you, we will assist in the supervision of the shipping and set-up of booth assignments.

Our experienced in-house team will advise and assist in the implementation of proactive strategies to enhance
sponsor relationships by developing customized sponsorship packages.

Credible media coverage is critical in communicating your message in today’s marketplace. Art Hill will formulate a strategy to obtain maximum local, national and/or international coverage to target audiences. We will also create crisis communications strategies — both reactive and proactive — as well as provide ongoing counseling and media development.

We will collaborate with you to develop promotional media content and strategies with the goal of securing and maintaining customer engagement.

Email communication is an increasingly important communications channel for maximizing outreach to your audience(s). We will oversee the entire production and can coordinate ongoing submissions.

We will advise on proprietary marketing techniques designed to integrate your objectives with increasing base financial support. We are driven to increase awareness of your organization and/or enhance its

We will advise you on key brand management concepts through advertising and promotional media, specific to their initiatives.

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