Creating the ideal event experience for your attendees requires customization. All communications, from an invitation to the post-event follow up, should have a personal touch. The registration process should identify each attendee, whether they are a VIP, existing customer, prospect or partner. Distinguishing your attendees from the masses is an essential and often overlooked aspect of event planning. You want your attendee to perceive your event as a personalized experience. In addition, it is beneficial to use personalized messaging to achieve the optimal response rate from each targeted group. Many organizations offer discounted event fees based on their relationship with the attendee or different event sessions to certain groups of attendees.

Our event management tool enables planners to personalize the registration experience based on preset attendee criteria. Going hand-in-hand with customization, planners should make it as simple as possible for attendees to be registered by pre-populating contact information.

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what we offer?

We provide a dedicated online database system to process, track, and analyze registration submissions. Informational reports will be generated whenever required.

We will coordinate the production and distribution of various forms of mailers.

Registration is the face of the event; It is the first encounter your guests will have with you on site. Therefore, personable, courteous and well-versed staff will be assigned to meet and greet your guests.

Art hill will oversee the process, coordination, planning and execution of all on-site and off-site registration operations.

Automated emails confirming registration submissions will be created, tracked and managed by our team.

We will execute and manage software implementation to periodically send email reminder updates to registered and unregistered guests.

We have the resources to update calendars and trigger event reminders for you. Our goal is to ensure as close to 100% event attendance for our clients.

Unforeseen circumstances may result in the need to update program content or reschedule an event. No matter what the revision may be, we will handle exporting event change notifications in an expeditious manner.

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