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Slide If you need to go with a professional solution, we offer what you need. Delivering quality with all the bells and whistles since 2014. Art Hill is a group of masterminds with vast experience in Music industry, Project Management, Event Organizing and Sponsorship Management.
We are powerful team of individuals that go above and beyond to develop custom tailored ideas for your business.

We listen, conceptualize, present and refine.
Until you are satisfied with the result.

Conception Events Education Sponsorship We design and executes special occasions shaped to meet the client's style and personality. From large, branded corporate events to small parties and occasions, and everything in between. We provide unique insights that will make your event unforgettable.
While we can't identify all of the small details you’ll need to think about, since much of it will depend on the type of the event, we can suggest some ideas based on best practises and experience.
Design Events Education Sponsorship Social responsibility, prevention, and road safety - are the primary drivers of the national Safe Driver's License project intended for high school students.

The goal of this project that is free for all schools and their students is to encourage graduates, future drivers, to behave responsible on everyday traffic.
We also want to develop the ability to identify risky situations with young drivers, and to teach them about choices when it comes to taking drugs and driving.
Consulting Events Education Sponsorship We are able to Identify and Attract Promotional opportunities for different businesses and companies at trade shows, events, festivals, non-profits, or business functions include sponsorships of educational programs, banners, badge holders, audiovisual equipment, shuttle buses or anything you might think of.
Our way of approaching things is pretty simple.

Project 1 Carreras performed at the Pula Arena as part of his Final World Tour – ‘A Life In Music’ . Organizing the humanitarian concert of José Carreras, who is without doubt one of the greatest tenors of the 20th and 21st century, was a pure joy, but also very challenging. We raised over 500,000 kuna which were donated to the children’s ward KBC Rijeka and Rehabilitation Centre Veruda in Pula. Project 2 At the Monaco Yacht Show, Art Hill has organized unforgettable parties at the presentation of Croatian yacht Katina by Brodosplit. Katina is 60 meters long and has four decks. Six VIP cabins will seat 12 guests that will be taken care by 10 crew members. This yacht is also intended for cruising the Mediterranean and Caribbean but also for sailing in the oceans. According to preliminary information, the price of the cruise will cost half a million euros a week. The yacht is built for the company Brodosplit-Plovidba which was established under the DIV Group of Tomislav Debeljak, owner of the Split shipyard… Project 3 Violinmusic4all invites those who would never dare and sends a clear message: Come play. Yes, you! Violinmusic4all is a method of teaching violin for therapeutic purposes to the deaf and hard of hearing, and people with developmental disabilities. VISIT WEBSITE Project 4 Regarding 25 years of friendship between Croatia and China, we organized an impressive music and stage spectacle Croatia meets China, Silk road festival. We organized this concert in collaboration between Chinese province Habei and Croatian-Chinese cultural centre. 01 02 03 04 PROJECTS

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