Event Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show 2015

At the Monaco Yacht Show, which took place from 23-26 September 2015, Art Hill has organized unforgettable parties at the presentation of Croatian yacht Katina by Brodosplit company from Split. If it had been another boring event, we would continue to write in this formal tone, but it most certainly was nothing like that. We organized parties that managed to create unforgettable boat parties out of a luxury cruising yacht.
When people are approaching you the next day asking for approval to join your party, we know what an amazing job we did and exactly why we love what we do.
But we won’t take all the credits. Firstly, we’d like to thank each participant and each small link in this chain that has functioned so well and didn’t break all four days.
Many thanks, to Ana Rucner for her energy and excellent performance that made it clear to everyone that Croats and Croatian boats can both sail and party.
Big thanks, to Atomic Dance Factory, for managing to move every hip on the yacht and even of the guests that seemed very official.
Also big thanks to ballerinas Andra Solomun i Ema Janković who maybe didn’t move everyone’s hips but they most certainly warmed up all the palms from overwhelming applause and admiration.
Many thanks to DJ-a GO CUT-a and amazing saxophonist Jakša Jordes who managed to cheer up every visitor of the show, of Monaco, and inhabitants of the surrounding region of Monaco.
Matej Deronjić, Luka Veselinović and Borko Rupena, big thanks to you guys as well. Even though the yacht was moored, we had the impression that we were sailing alongside your jazz sound.

Of course, many thanks to best Croatian cocktail master Vjenceslav Madić who created excellent cocktails Monaco and Katina.

A big thank you to a team of chefs and waiters, cameramen, photographers, drivers and DBoki team who made a spectacle out of this event with their lighting and sound system. Also, many thanks to hostesses who have worked hard but yet managed to stay charming and cheerful through all days of the Show..

[su_quote cite=”Mark Robinson Maritime Consultants”]MRMC had the pleasure of joining the great team onboard the 60m Croatian new build ‘Katina’ at their first MYS, where they showed Monaco how to party Croatian style.[/su_quote]
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Luxury yacht for the charter that was launched by Brodosplit can accommodate up to 12 guests. Cruise price will truly be staggering. Belgium company will be taking care of renting this beauty to a rich clientele.

Katina is 60 meters long and has four decks. Six VIP cabins will seat 12 guests that will be taken care by 10 crew members. This yacht is also intended for cruising the Mediterranean and Caribbean but also for sailing in the oceans. According to preliminary information, the price of the cruise will cost half a million euros a week. The yacht is built for the company Brodosplit-Plovidba which was established under the DIV Group of Tomislav Debeljak, owner of the Split shipyard…