Week of Israel

A different view of Israel

Tonight at 7 p.m., Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

The opening ceremony of the photography exhibition (Gilad Benari) and a concert by Matija Dedić Trio. Enjoy Kosher Wine Party after the program.


Wine is made by demanding laws of Jewish diet (Kashrut).

Products according to Halacha (set of rules for life), not as a separate type of wine, but as the wine produced in the prescribed (kosher) way. So, every wine could be kosher because Halacha doesn’t prescribe a specific grape variety, geographical origin or type of wine.

Two principles should be fulfilled in the production of kosher wine. The first determines that the harvesting of wine grapes and all helping items must be exclusively intended for the production of kosher wine (though they can be koshered – helping items that were used in the production of non-kosher wine can be cleaned). Everything that is added to the wine must have a certificate that it’s kosher (fungi, clarifying agents, etc.) considering that in the production of non-kosher wine, people use substances of animal origin, such as gelatin, casein, or even fresh blood to achieve clarity, which is prohibited in the production of kosher wines.

The second principle determines that the whole process from pressing of the grapes to the bottling must be done by Jews who comply with the regulations of the Sabbath and another mitzvah (commandments) from the Torah.