Ivan Jelić Sevdah

EthnoRemake by Ivan Jelić

After the last year, when he presented his project “EthnoRemake” to the Zagreb audience, young academic singer Ivan Jelić, has fulfilled a small hall Lisinski for his concert held on November 14th. Ubiquitous lovers of “Sevdah” and Ethno songs enjoyed the vocal interpretation of this young singer.

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As guests, beside from orchestra, Ivan’s friends like Sandra Bagarić, Darko Domitrović, Ana Rucner and female klapa (traditional a cappella singing in Dalmatia, Croatia) Kolapjanke make this night even more magical. The biggest treat for the audience was the world’s virtuoso Edin Karamazov who played the song “Što te nema” and “Samo moru virujem.”

Since the small hall Lisinski became too small for all those who love Macedonian melodies and Ethno from numerous Croatian regions, the next time you can expect Ivan in a much larger space.