International awards for Medical Research 2015

This year’s contest for International Medis Awards for Medical Research, with which Medis wishes to contribute to the greater recognition and mutual knowledge of experts from eight countries in which Medis operates (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia), was completed on December 4th 2015. Art Hill agency had the honor to do complete production for this event.

When we write complete production, we mean:

  • Stage-setting
  • LED display
  • Hosting and production of the entire program of award ceremony
  • Hiring of musicians
  • Simultaneous translation during the program
  • Lighting and sound

With successful cooperation with Museum Mimara, we managed for all winners, visitors, speakers, and organizers to feel welcomed, that the whole award ceremony is well organized and that everyone has a great time during the banquet.

International Medis Awards for Medical Research have become traditional and we hope to see you next year. Even stronger, even better, even more original!