Miguel Concha

The Chilean from Trešnjevka: Miguel is our own Michael Jackson

[su_quote cite=”Miguel Concha Carrasco (37)”]I sold everything I had, house, car and even furniture to be able to move to France and work as Michael Jackson impersonator, said the Chilean.[/su_quote]

I bought tickets for Jackson’s concert in London with the last amount of money I had left, but unfortunately, he died, said Miguel. He is an impersonator of the late musician that signed up for Croatian show “Supertalent” because he wanted to find a job in Croatia.

-I started dancing at the age of 5 when I bought Jackson’s album “Thriller”. I was a kid, but I already knew that Michael will change my life. I watched him on television and started imitating his dance. Then I got an offer of a lifetime and became official impersonator of Michael Jackson for Latin America – said Miguel.


He prepares for each performance for several hours in order to look alike the King of Pop. He chooses clothes like the ones Michael performed at very carefully. Therefore, he is ready to cash out several thousand kunas for a jacket or sequin jacket that look exactly like the one’s singer was wearing. He does his makeup exactly as Michael did. After Michael’s death, Miguel was depressed for weeks. He recovered while traveling in Spain where he met a Croatian girl and came to Zagreb.

-I fell in love with her and decided to immediately come here. Even though we broke up quickly, I decided to stay in Croatia – says Miguel who left his son Miguel Junior (19). He wants to bring him to Croatian coast for the holidays and to show him his apartment in Zagreb (Trešnjevka) where he lives.

My son is an engineering student and I miss him so much. We are separated for years now, but we stayed very close. He follows “Supertalent” on the Internet and is looking forward to my performance. I often send him recordings from my shows that he shows to his friends – said the Latino lover, that is popular among the ladies on Trešnjevka market.

-These ladies (grannies) quickly became fond of me and always give me a discount on cheese, sour cream, and eggs. I even learned few words in Croatian so I could communicate with them more easily – said Miguel who performed in many clubs in Zagreb as Michael’s imitator.

Source: Čileanac s Trešnjevke: Miguel je naš vlastiti Micheal Jackson | 24sata

Miguel Concha

Official impersonator of Michael Jackson wins the audience and media in Varaždin

Miguel Concha, an official impersonator of Michael Jackson by Sony Music, leaves everyone breathless wherever he shows up. The same scenario happened in Varaždin.

Maraschino bar Varaždin, within TTS Sports Centre, opened its doors to the visitors on February 13 after remodeling. We prepared a special program for this event – the audience was entertained by a performer we officially represent – the world’s best impersonator of Michael Jackson.

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